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Non-Intercourse Act, 1809

Thomas Jefferson

Non-Intercourse Act, 1809: Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd American President who served in office from March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809. One of the final events during his presidency was the Non-Intercourse Act.

Definition and Summary of the Non-Intercourse Act, 1809

Summary and definition: The Non-Intercourse Act of 1809 replaced the 1807 Embargo Act which had averted war with Britain and France but had backfired on the government by effectively strangling all American overseas trade.

The purpose of the 1809 Non-Intercourse Act was to permit U.S. trade with nations other than France and Great Britain. The Non-Intercourse Act was signed into law on was signed on March 1, 1809  - two days before the end of Jefferson's second term in office.

1809 Non-Intercourse Act for kids - Repeal of the 1807 Embargo Act
The purpose of the 1807 Embargo Act was to force the British and French to both trade with the US and to preserve US neutrality in the Napoleonic Wars (18031815). The Embargo Act effectively closed all U.S. ports for exporting goods in either U.S. or foreign vessels, which had a devastating effect on many Americans.  The negative reaction to the 1807 Embargo Act by the farmers of the country and the ship builders in New England was extremely serious. Feelings ran so high that there was even talk of New England seceding from the Union. The Embargo Act was repealed, and a Non-Intercourse Act passed in its place.

Purpose of the 1809 Non-Intercourse Act
The Non-Intercourse Act prohibited commerce with Great Britain and its allies and with France and the countries controlled by France. The Non-Intercourse Act permitted trade and commerce with the rest of the world. The intention  was to damage the economies of Britain and France and go some way to helping the economy of the United States.

1809 Non-Intercourse Act for kids
There were not many European countries with which America could trade under the Non-Intercourse law. However, goods sold to countries such as Norway and Spain were then sold on to the other European countries. As soon as the embargo was removed US trade revived. The rates of freight were very high and the profits were very large. The Non-Intercourse Act infuriated the French and the British who continued to capture many American vessels, but helped the traders in America.

1809 Non-Intercourse Act for kids - Impressment
The subject of Impressment was still an issue. British warships had captured American seamen and 'pressed' them into service on British men-of-war ships. Thomas Jefferson created neutrality rights in the 1809 Non-Intercourse Act providing the opportunity for the British and French to reopen trade with the United States if  they stopped the practice of Impressment on U.S. ships.

1809 Non-Intercourse Act - the 1810 Plan of the Madison Administration (Macon's Bill No. 2)
The British and French did not respond to the Non-intercourse Act, anymore than they had to the 1807 Embargo Act had done. In 1810, Congress a third plan, called Macon's Bill No. 2, that allowed interaction with both Britain and France if the two countries stopped seizing American ships. The Emperor Napoleon declared that he would stop seizing American ships on November 1, 1810 if the British stopped their seizures before that time. The British declared that they would stop seizing American ships when Napoleon did. Neither of the nations really did anything except to continue capturing American vessels whenever they had the chance.

1809 Non-Intercourse Act for kids - The War of 1812 is Declared
Many members of Congress (the 'War-Hawks' believed that were ample reasons to justify war with Britain, France, or with both of them. President James Madison delivered a war-like message to Congress and advised a declaration of war against the British - the conflict known as the War of 1812 was declared.

Non-Intercourse Act for kids
The info about the Non-Intercourse Act provides interesting facts and important information about this important event that occured during the presidency of the 3rd President of the United States of America.

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