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Harlem Renaissance Artists


Harlem Renaissance Artists: The most notable and famous Harlem Renaissance Artists.

Definition and Summary of the Harlem Renaissance Artists

Summary and definition: The famous Harlem Renaissance Artists included painters, sculptors and illustrators. These major African American Artists were influenced by the modern art styles of era such as Surrealism, Impressionism and Art Deco to graphically illustrate African American lives and culture in paintings, sculptures, photographs, murals and magazines.

List of Harlem Renaissance Artists
The list and short descriptions of the most notable and famous Harlem Renaissance Artists in the list include details of Aaron Douglas, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Palmer C. Hayden, Laura Wheeler Waring, Charles Alston, Meta Fuller, Archibald Motley, Augusta Savage, William Johnson, and photographer James Van Der Zee.

Aaron Douglas: The prominent artist Aaron Douglas (1899-1979) was famous for painting murals for public buildings and designing illustrations for the covers designs for many famous black publications including The Crisis and Opportunity

Lois Mailou Jones: Lois Mailou Jones (1905-1998) was a notable female artist of the era whose highly expressive paintings that portrayed the lives of poor African Americans.

Jacob Lawrence: Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) was a major young artist of the period whose most famous artworks reflected the forced migration of Africans to America.

Palmer C. Hayden: Palmer C. Hayden (1890 - 1973)was a major artist who was famous for his paintings in both watercolors and oils that depicted scenes of African American life.

Laura Wheeler Waring: Laura Wheeler Waring (1887 - 1948) was a prominent portrait painter who also produced illustrations for the NAACP magazine, the Crisis.

Meta Fuller: Meta Fuller (1877-1968) was a famous black female artist who specialized in clay, plaster and bronze sculptures that strongly reflected emotions. Meta Fuller drew her inspiration for her sculptures from from the songs of black America and from African folk tales.

Archibald Motley: Archibald Motley (1891-1981) studied art at the Institute of Chicago and painted portraits of African Americans and scenes of contemporary African American social life. His work earned him a solo exhibition in New York City.

Augusta Savage: Augusta Savage (1892 1962) was a famous black female artist who specialized in sculptures and paintings. Her work included sculptures of the busts of prominent personalities such as Marcus Garvey and W. E. B. Du Bois.

William Johnson: William H. Johnson (1901-1970) was an innovative artist whose work evolved from realism to expressionism. His choice of subjects depicted from scenes of daily life in New York City to artistic impressions of rural life in the south.

Charles Alston: Charles Alston (1907 - 1977) was a famous African-American painter, muralist, sculptor and illustrator. Charles Alston scuptured a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. and in 1990 it became the first image of an African American to be displayed at the White House.

James Van Der Zee: James Van Der Zee (18861983) was a prominent photographer who took thousands of photographs an d portraits of black Americans in his Harlem studio. James Van Der Zee rose to fame due to the photographs he took of notable celebrities of the era such as Bessie Smith and Florence Mills.

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