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Secession Era


Secession Era: The United States History articles in this section on the Secession Era relate to the important events, famous people and dates from 1850 - 1860.

Definition and Summary of the Secession Era (1850 - 1860)
Summary and definition:
The issues of States Rights and Slavery led to the Secession of the South and the previously United States of America was split into two. The plight of the slaves was highlighted by the publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe and the actions of the Abolitionist Movement caused bitter disputes between the North and the South - Civil War was inevitable.

The leaders of the country who were elected president during the Secession Era, and helped to make United States History, were Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan.

President Millard Fillmore and the Secession Era: Millard Fillmore Presidency (1850-1853)
Important events in United States History during the presidency of Millard Fillmore includes the Compromise of 1850, aka the Omnibus Bill, Uncle Tom's Cabin and Commodore Perry's Mission to Japan - United States History for Kids:

President Millard Fillmore
Compromise of 1850
Fugitive Slave Act
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Uncle Tom's Cabin Summary
Commodore Matthew Perry's Mission to Japan
Treaty of Kanagawa

President Franklin Pierce and the Secession Era: Franklin Pierce Presidency (1853-1857)
Important events in United States History during the presidency of Franklin Pierce includes the Gadsden Purchase, The Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Ostend Manifesto - United States History for Kids:

President Franklin Pierce
The 1853 Gadsden Purchase
The 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act
Popular Sovereignty and Slavery
Bleeding Kansas 1854–1861
Treaty of Kanagawa
The Ostend Manifesto
Steel and the Bessemer Process

President James Buchanan and the Secession Era: James Buchanan Presidency (1857-1861)
Important events in United States History during the presidency of James Buchanan includes the Panic of 1857, The Dred Scott Decision, Harpers Ferry, The Pony Express. The events surrounding Secession are detailed in the Civil War website.

President James Buchanan
The Panic of 1857
Treaty of Amity and Commerce aka the Harris Treaty
The Dred Scott Decision
The Pony Express
Central Park
John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry
John Brown Biography and Timeline
Song and Lyrics to John Brown's Body Lies A-Mouldering in the Grave Song

Crash Course in American History: Summaries of Events in the Secession Era
A fast overview, or crash course in American History, during the Secession Era can be obtained from the interesting and important articles on United States History for Kids that can be found in the section. There are summaries and definitions of the key historical events for each of the presidencies of the Secession Era from 1850 - 1860.

US American History
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